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Individuality—Pilates is for EVERY body; however, the rate and method that each body learns Pilates is individual. Therefore we offer goal setting and a postural analysis through the Pilates Principles program for those new to Pilates. The Pilates Refresher program is for those with Pilates experience but need to brush up on their fundamental skills, or need an introduction to the STOTT PILATES® method prior to joining a group class.

Cancellation Policy: To prevent being billed for sessions not attended, we require 24 hours notice for any changes or cancellations of scheduled sessions.

Prepaid sessions are transferable, but not refundable.

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Pilates Principles Program
Our Pilates Principles Course curriculum allows the participant to build a strong foundation of the Essential Level STOTT PILATES® repertoire. It is the mastery of these fundamentals that provides each participant to learn proper technique and neuromuscular firing patterns to achieve the optimal results. Once that base is built, movements become fluid and coordinated which allow the ability to take on more demanding exercises and intensity.

Pilates Principles Course
This course introduces the fundamentals of the Essential Level exercises of the STOTT PILATES Method utilizing the 5 Basic Principles. The course is intended to be an intensive introduction to the Pilates learning Matwork. Reformer, Chair, and Vertical Frame on the V2 Max Plus Reformer. Completion of this course prepares the participant to enter any Essential Level group class to build endurance, pace and intensity. This course includes 5 Private sessions with an Instructor and a free Group Matwork Class. The first session is dedicated to a Postural Analysis, introduction to the STOTT PILATES 5 Basic Principles, and introduction to the equipment. As each body is individual, so is the way each person learns. This one-on-one setting allows for individual assessment and explanation as well as obtaining pertinent medical and surgical history and goal setting. Following each session, clients are given "homework exercises" to speed learning and results.

Pilates Matwork Principles Course
This course is an option for those who would like to start their Pilates education with Matwork only. Includes 1 Private Session and 5 Group Matwork Classes. May add 3 Private Equipment Sessions at a later date if desired.


Group Sessions
Instructor-led group classes….join a regularly scheduled group or coordinate your own group of 4-6 people in our Group Equipment classes or Group Matwork classes. Group classes are a fun way to get a great Pilates workout with other participants at similar fitness levels. All of our group classes are leveled so that the instruction is tailored to a particular level of Pilates knowledge. This allows for pacing and intensity appropriate for all participants. Please discuss your level of knowledge and experience with Pilates with one of our instructors prior to signing up for any classes higher than the Essential or Combined level. This allows for safety for all involved as well as provides each participant full attention from the instructor. Group class sizes are limited to the equipment available, so participants must sign up in advance.

We require all new participants to complete the Pilates Principles course curriculum through either private, semi-private, or group sessions (Pilates Principles course) prior to being admitted to a Group Equipment Class. Ultimately, this policy provides the most benefit to the participant. Pilates is a method that must be learned in layers—setting a strong foundation guarantees the best results in the most efficient time frame. Please feel free to contact any of our instructors to help asses your level. If you have previous Pilates experience in the past and simply need a refresher or orientation to the STOTT PILATES® Method taught at our studio, our Pilates Refresher Class is a perfect start for you.

Group sessions are typically one hour in length unless stated otherwise. Please arrive a few minutes early to receive your full session.

Group Class Descriptions can be found on our Mind Body Online Scheduler.


Private Sessions
Private sessions are one-on-one personal Pilates training. A Private Session allows for individualized programming to suit the specific needs and goals of each person. Many people feel that their private sessions are more "intense" because the focus of the instructor is all on them. Private sessions are optimal for anyone who is not comfortable in a group setting, or has other commitments that won't allow them to attend regularly scheduled group classes. Additionally, private sessions are especially beneficial for anyone with structural or rehab issues or the elite athlete that wants to take the workout a little higher. Private sessions will allow you to achieve or exceed your fitness goals faster than a group setting. Private sessions also allow you to use specialized equipment including the Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Arc Barrel and incorporate many of the small Pilates props to increase variety and intensity.

Semi-Private: work out with a friend or we can pair you with another participant of similar level of fitness and education. Semi-privates are a fun way to get the intensity of the individual instruction paired with the social benefit and the ability to share the cost of the session. Semi private sessions are typically conducted in our Private Room and allow for the use of all the Pilates equipment.


TRX Suspension Training
We are excited to add another fitness option to our studio! The TRX Suspension Training system uses your own bodyweight and manipulates gravity using the leverage of various positions to improve muscular strength and endurance. Those who are familiar with the principles of Pilates incorporated in our classes, will recognize the application of these principles throughout the TRX classes. Additionally, modifications are available for every fitness level to accomodate anyone attending these group classes. You can view an example of our TRX Suspension classes clicking the link HERE.


Athletic Conditioning Programs
Athletic success depends on a unique balance of mental and physical skills. Pilates offers the perfect blend of sport specific training and overall general fitness. Our individually designed sessions will take you through sport specific Pilates exercises that can help increase flexibility, while improving strength agility and endurance. Part of the value of Pilates is that it enables athletes to develop greater mind body awareness creating new insight into the connection between the physical and psychological components of movement, strength, and agility. Examples of programs we have designed for athletes include running, football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis, golf, and equestrian conditioning. Click Here to view more details regarding our "Athletic Conditioning Programs"


Dance Conditioning Programs
Pilates exercise enhances fluidity, corrects postural alignment and creates a mind/body connection that facilitates the ability to concentrate on learning new choreography. Pilates is a body conditioning method that focuses on rebalancing opposing muscle groups to promote a natural and neutral alignment. By strengthening these muscle groups, dancers are able to have more strength in their core and stabilizing muscles to prevent injury and improve performance. Pilates equipment and props are able to mimic specific dance movements thereby building strength as well as agility. Dance Conditioning can be done in private, semi-private or group settings.


Pilates Refresher Program
These private sessions (1-3 sessions depending on previous experience or time away from Pilates) are designed for individuals with various Pilates background experience that need an orientation to the STOTT PILATES® principles and the Aspire Pilates Training Center instruction. This is a great place to start if you've "taken a break" from Pilates Training for a period of time and just need to brush up on your skills before joining an ongoing group class. This is also a good place to assess the appropriate level of class for new participants to our program who have previous Pilates experience.You will receive a fantastic workout that will remind you why you love Pilates so much!

Mat Classes
Class Price Per Session
Mat Pilates $10
TRX Suspension Training $10
Pilates for Youth $8
Matwork and TRX classes can be purchased in a package of 10 for $90 (one class free) and are interchangeable for both programs.
Mat Based Classes have a maximum of 12 participants per class
Reservations highly recommended.
Equipment Classes
Group Session (4-8) Price Per Session Package Price Savings
1 $25 $25 $0
5 $23 $115 $10
10 $21 $210 $40
Semi Private Session (2 people) Price Per Session (each person) Package Price Savings
1 $40 $40 $0
5 $35 $175 $25
10 $33 $330 $70
Private Session Price Per Session Package Price Savings
1 $65 $65 $0
5 $60 $300 $25
10 $58 $580 $70
Pilates Principles Course: $290
includes 5 Private Sessions and 1 Group Matwork Class
Pilates Matwork Principles Course: $115
includes 1 Private Session and 5 Group Matwork Classes
• All classes by appointment only, book online or by phone, require 24 hour advanced notice for cancellation or will be charged for session in full.
• All packages expire 9 months from the date of purchase.
• In the event that one person cancels their appointment for a Semi-Private session, the other participant may upgrade to a private session for an additional $20 and maintain the appointment. Otherwise, both parties will be charged if less than 24 hours notice given.

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